Using the API

Using the API

Making a request

To request the API, you must first find the HTTP method and the path for the operation you want to use. For example, the client would use the POST method and the applications.create path to create an application.

The base URL for the API is https://api.bits.bi. You can then append the path to the end of the URL to get the full URL for the request. For example, you would use the URL https://api.bits.bi/applications.create to start an application.

Authenticating using API Credentials

All requests made on our API must be a bearer of a valid access token. The Oauth token is generated from POST /v1/oauth2/token using the API credentials created in the Bits Technology Dashboard (opens in a new tab).

See Authentication and Authorization on how to generate an access token.

Starting an application using Oauth token

Start an application by posting to the /applications.create endpoint. The body needs to contain the workflowId, market and redirectUrl properties. Once the applicant has completed the application, the applicant will be redirected to the redirectUrl with the applicationId.

The access token, generated from POST /v1/oauth2/token, needs to be passed in the Authorization header with the value Bearer {token}.

The response from /v1/applications.create will include a sessionToken, which shall be passed to Bits no-code frontend to start the application. The sessionToken can only be used for the application just created.


Start application
POST  /v1/applications.create HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
  "workflowId": "bits:workflow::8abe317f-6d54-4949-8ecd-245efb4fa05d",
  "countryCode": "SE",
  "redirectUrl": "https://acme.com/onboarding-complete"


  "id": "bits:application::95d0c391-c659-4748-8415-de4f804803a0",
  "sessionToken": "<sessionToken>"