Starting the No-code

Starting the No-code onboarding

We offer a no-code onboarding solution that you can utilize to onboard your customers. The no-code onboarding is a customizable solution that you can edit to fit your brand and needs.

First off you need an access token. The access token, generated from POST /v1/oauth2/token (see Authentication and Authorization), needs to be passed in the Authorization header with the value Bearer {token}.

To start the no-code onboarding, you create an application using the /v1/applications.create endpoint (see Endpoints: Create an Application). The response from /applications.create will include a sessionToken which is used to start the no-code onboarding.

Create application request:


Start application
POST  /v1/applications.create HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer {sessionToken}
Content-Type: application/json
  "workflowId": "bits:workflow::95d0c391-c659-4748-8415-de4f804803a0",
  "countryCode": "SE",
  "redirectUrl": "https://acme.com/onboarding-complete"


  "id": "bits:application::95d0c391-c659-4748-8415-de4f804803a0",
  "sessionToken": "<sessionToken>"

Starting no-code onboarding

Next, you need to redirect the applicant to the no-code onboarding using the following URL:


This will launch the no-code onboarding. Once the applicant has completed the application, they will be redirected to the redirectUrl with the applicationId. A report for this applicant will now be visible in the Bits dashboard and the data exposed through our APIs is available, should you choose to retrieve it (see Endpoints: Create an Application).