Getting Started


To start using this project, you need to have the following prepared.

Create account

A Bits Account and access to the Bits Dashboard. You can create a Bits Account by visiting the Bits Dashboard (opens in a new tab) and completing our onboarding.

Get API Credentials

You can create Bits API Credentials by visiting the Bits Dashboard's Developer Page (opens in a new tab).

Create a workflow

You can create a Bits Workflow by visiting the Bits Technology Dashboard/Workflows (opens in a new tab). Once you have created a Workflow for your onboarding, you can get the required API properties from within the "Integration" dialog in the top right corner of the Workflow builder.

Getting Started

Session lifecycle

The session lifecycle is as follows:

  1. Create a new application
  2. Redirect the user to our nocode using the sessionToken you received in the response
  3. The user completes the onboarding. During the onboarding, you will receive webhooks with the status of the onboarding
  4. The user is redirected to the redirect URL you specified in the request
  5. You can now fetch the application data from the Bits Technology API

See the API documentation for more information.


Our nocode is a web application allows users to complete the onboarding flow. It is hosted on our servers and can be accessed by redirecting the user to the following URL:<sessionToken>

This URL will redirect the user to the onboarding flow. Once the user has completed the onboarding flow, they will be redirected to the redirect URL you specified in the request.

If you want to read more about why we use redirects instead of iframes, you can do so here.